Friday, October 18, 2013

My Jo Ann's Adventure (and photos!)

   So, yesterday I got the fabulous idea to bus to Jo Ann's, which is fairly nearby where I live so not really a big deal in and of itself, at 7:30 in the evening with no jacket. Up here, 7:30 is already dark and cold this time of year. But since it had been such a pleasant and warm (well, not cold) day I figured it would be no deal.

   Of course, the bus was fifteen minutes late! Haha. But I got to Jo Ann's, struggled through the list of things to buy for my jacket pattern (McCall's 6531). Before this, all the patterns I've done have been fairly straight forward, not requiring much other than fabric and thread. My most adventurous up to this point has been jeans, with the zipper, jeans buttons, and interfacing. They were still fairly simple, but picking out things for this jacket was a bit of a challenge for me. What exactly constitutes a "large" snap, for example? They are not packaged in sizes of small/medium/large and for someone who has never bought or sewn snaps before, it would be nice to give an actual size or range of sizes! Hope mine are large enough!

  So, I was at Jo Ann's until about 8:30. They close at nine so I leave and look up my bus time. 9:20! Ugh! I should have brought a coat! I wait in Barnes and Nobles until nine and spend the rest of the time curling up in my shirt and regretting that I didn't charge my phone. Waiting twenty minutes for this bus in the cold without a jacket and with a dead phone is hell! But I got home just fine and immediately hopped into my kitty pajamas and crocheted and little bit before bed. :)

   This morning I woke up in the mood to take photos! I am definitely not ready to take photos of myself, so I decided to take photos of the goodies I got on my adventure last night. :)

   Kind of a mundane subject to take photos of, but hey. I'm not exactly thrilled that I spent $80 on all these so I might as well get some fun out of them! I am also very excited to get started on my jacket!


  1. Lisa Dunham TrudellOctober 18, 2013 at 11:28 PM

    You will have to post pictures after done with the project. I'm sure it was worth the adventure to JoAnn's

  2. Thank you! I totally plan to! I spent pretty much all day today working on the muslin so that I don't waste any of the fabric or notions I bought at Jo-Ann's. It was actually the first time I used a muslin, but I want to make sure it fits and looks great as possible on the first try!

  3. You're making you're own jacket - awesome! I sewed a Barbie sleeping bag when I was 6 that I'm pretty proud should see it. ;) Haha, I wish I had your sewing chops.

    Also, I don't think these pictures are boring! They have a dreamy feel to them, I like it.

  4. Thank you! I made it already, you can see it here. :)

    I remember when I was a little kid I tried hand sewing everything! It's pretty magical as a kid. Still magical now. :P Thank you very much.


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