Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pet Portraits

   I make out a little list of goals for myself to reach at the start of each month. It helps keep me from falling into a lazy slump!

   This month, one of the goals was to take, print, and frame portraits of each of my cats (well, all four of my cats and Lucifurr, who's not mine but lives with me. His owner can't keep him with him at the moment and I love little Lu lots, so pictures for him too!)

   My mom came up to visit and left early this month, she taught me to crochet and taught the cats about their new favourite toy: yarn! Especially yarn I'm trying to work with, haha. I decided all the photos should have a yarn theme.

   I know it seems like a silly goal, or a "crazy cat lady" thing to do, but this is my family. And one day all I'm gonna have of them is photos and memories, so those photos and memories are important to me. :)

   Here's why I'm posting: I took too many photos! I want to have two photos per cat, but I picked out the best of the shots and I still can't choose two each! So what do you think? Any shots stand out to you? Wanna help me out (or just look at how cute my little ones are)? ;P

   Each photo links to the same photo on my Flickr, but larger and without the little title on the photo.

   So, what do you think? Any gems here? Or any that just aren't good shots?

   Also, I know this is a 'sewing blog'. I've kind of more been using it as a creative outlet and a way to share my other creative outlets. Now including photos! But if you feel it doesn't fit, just let me know. I won't be offended, and I love feedback. I'd like to have a blog people like to visit!


  1. What adorable pets! My son calls them kit kats (trying to say kitty cats). He would love these. My favorites are Einstein 1, Patch 3, and Ringo 5. :)

  2. Thank you very much Michelle. :) I thought Ringo 5 was pretty precious too. Hehe, kit kats, that's super cute. That reminds me of my nephew, who used to call Power Ranger's 'go-go's" because the theme song would go, "Go go Power Rangers!"

  3. Huge fan of Einstein #6!

  4. Thank you! I thought it turned out pretty well as well. I've pretty much picked out the shots that are gonna get printed, and probably will buy the prints and frames sometime next week! :D


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