Monday, September 9, 2013

First Post ^.^

      I'm trying to get back into sewing. I was never super awesome at it and I am much worse than I used to be... but I'm working on it. Luckily I have a tiny collection of sewing patterns I got to make latex clothing (not the same as sewing) from, plus a few I've picked up since deciding I want to learn again. So, here's my first trip back into sewing:

     Followed exactly by the pattern, but I decided to hem it because I didn't want to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. v.v

    Finished. I do not like it! Haha, it's not terrible but I still don't like it. Due to a combination of the cheap fabric I used (I chose it as practice fabric, it was pretty cheap), poor choosing of a pattern, and my lack of skill. But, it was great practice, which is all it needed to be, haha. And it was really large pockets! You can kind of see the opening in the second picture. Having large pockets is pretty useful! I like the bottom half but not the top half. I may get better fabric and try recreating it with a different top half. The pockets really are pretty great! One of my goals for myself this month is to make a dress I like, and this one is not it.

     More practice (and hopefully soon more fabric) awaits!

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