Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jean, Part 3: Beautification

   I love working on these jeans! Even if they did give me trouble with the bleach, it was a really fun project. But it's finally done! Will have to make a second pair, soon. :)

     Since the bleach dissolved parts of my jeans last time I made them, I picked out a new pair of jeans to pull fabric from and bleached before constructing them this time. So once I was finally done putting them back together, all that was left was to dye them!

 I followed the instructions on my bottle of Jeans Blue Rit Dye, and it wasn't my first time dyeing with Rit dye, but it is the first time it came out so funky. I mixed the jeans into the dye and stirred them around often so that all of my jeans would be evenly coated. That's now how it turned out though...

     I'm thinking that bleaching the pants previously must have had something to do with the funky pattern, even though I washed them out after bleaching. I don't know, but they turned out funky as hell and I don't mind, they are pretty cool.

     So, that is the end of my jeans saga! :D

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