Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall/Winter Pattern List!

   I'm addicted to all the blogs plugged into my feedly, and when I read this article by Cirque Du Bebe on Project Sewn I decided I also wanted to share the patterns I was excited to sew this Fall (and Winter, since they are both just too damn cold).

   However, I have a pinterest board FULL of patterns for the coming seasons. So I picked my favourite five. :)

   I love this jacket! A cute moto jacket is something I've been wanting for a couple months now, but I'd rather attempt sewing one myself than tailoring a pre bought one to my size. Something about store bought clothes not fitting me makes tailoring things to fit really peeve me.

   I absolutely love leather, but I'm really digging the look shown. Mustard yellow is actually my favourite colour and I think I would probably stick to either a mustardy wool or a medium grey colour wool. :D

   A couple blog posts ago I shared how much I like sewing jeans. They give me a bit of pain but I like the struggle a little, haha. :) Skinny jeans aren't really my thing, one or two good pair of skinny jeans that I can wear tucked into my Doc Martins are good enough for me.

   However, this pair really stood out to me, they are beautifully designed. The unique front pockets and the simple but great back pockets really seal the deal for me, but I like the lovely front seams as well. With me making them, I think I'd go a little extra and also make the hem of the pants with the back side of the denim showing such as the front pockets.

   I actually already ordered this jacket pattern and it should be here on the 8th. I can't wait, I'm pretty new to sewing and this will be the first jacket I've sewn! I do like a challenge, so I will really enjoy this I'm sure. I have a hard time shopping for flattering clothes for my petite frame, and the worst things have always been jeans and jackets. So I'm really looked forward to this!

   I know the pattern is unlined but I'm gonna challenge myself further and try and get it nice and toasty by lining it with sherpa material. I'm unsure what I'll go with the background, but I'm leaning towards a green to go with the army-ish look, a black, or a navy colour. I really love the version made on mpbymaude! What do you think I should go? I'm totally open to suggestion!

   I'm still getting used to the weather cycles of the Inland NW since moving up from Texas two years ago, and I don't know how much longer to be expecting rain. I know, I really should know by now, my third real Winter is coming up, but I am horrible at keeping track of these things.

   Regardless, I am so looking forward to this awesome pattern. I love plastic clothing, I know it's kind of weird but I love PVC and latex (which I also make clothing from, a whole different beast from sewing!). I don't even know where to start but I know I will have to make more than one! Maybe a shiny black and a see through like pictured but with a funkier colour accent! I have a see through and yellow bubble umbrella, maybe start with something to match. ;)

   The only dress on this list! You wouldn't guess how much I love flared out dresses from this list! Don't worry, my pinterest has plenty more! I actually do not have any long sleeved dresses. Not a single one. The first couple years here I held on to my Texas clothing too long and didn't invest much on cold weather clothing, surviving the Winters in ugly Walmart thermals under pants and way too childish hoodies. I'm really trying to get a better looking Winter wardrobe, but I'm a creature of comfort. Being warm and cozy will have to come first! I think I can meet in the middle this Winter, though, since I picked back up sewing.

   I already have fabric picked out for this dress. I haven't ordered the pattern yet but I have ordered the fabric (because I am slowly ordering all the things I design for my Spoonflower shop.) I will be using this fabric for the bodice and skirt and a plain black knit for the sides and sleeves. I'm really looking forward to this dress!

My fabric for the dress!

   Well, that's my top list for clothing to sew this Fall and Winter! What do you think? Is there anything you are really looking forward to sewing for the upcoming cold? 


  1. I love the jeans, especially the details you pointed out - the front pockets and vertical seam. Those would be great for winter!

  2. I'm currently working on my third pair of jeans and I'm using those jeans as inspiration for some of the details! I'm excited to see the finished result. :) They won't look like the Jamie jeans since I don't want to alter from the pattern too much until I get it perfect, but once I get my current jeans pattern down I'll be spoiling myself with the Jamie jeans pattern and some denim that doesn't come off used pants or from Walmart!

    Oh, you're my first comment! Party on!


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