Friday, October 4, 2013

Velvet Thermal Leggings and Spoonflower Fabric

   In my last blog, I posted photos of the thermal leggings I made! During my mom's trip they are one of the only things I took some photos of the process of. So I wanted to share!

   I found some great stretchy, velvety fabric at Value Village, a thrift store here in Washington, while walking to Safeway with my mom. I have been wanting to make velvet leggings since seeing a pair here on BlackMilk.


   I don't know how warm Black Milk's velvet leggings are, but I want some nice and toasty leggings for the upcoming winter! Since I did not get a pattern and I wanted them warm, I used a pair of thermal leggings!

   I cut open the pair of thermals on the seams and used that as a pattern for my leggings! I kept the leggings pinned to the thermals, since they will be the nice, warm lining,  and started sewing the leggings together. Here's the process and the finished project! VoilĂ ! You can see more photos of these leggings in my last blog. :D

   The day before yesterday, I got my first order of custom fabric from Spoonflower! This is also the first fabric I've designed (even though I have plenty more now!). This fabric design is of my little bratty boy, Einstein!

   See the resemblance? Einstein Schrodinger approves!


  1. Aww, I have a cat name Einstein as well! I have been very pleased with my orders from Spoonflower - they let me return some fabric for store credit because I wasn't excited about how stiff it was. Did you order the Kona Cotton?

  2. Yup, that's my Einstein Schrodinger. :) He's a handsome buddy who is taking up my late right now, haha. I have so far ordered two things from Spoonflower, the fabric shown in this blog, which was their basic combed cotton which I bought for little things like jean's pocket lining - just little personalization. The other order is of the same design on a black background, and it's organic knit. I'm just waiting for the pattern to arrive, shouldn't be too long now!


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