Friday, October 4, 2013

My Recent Projects!

   I flew my mom up for ten days in September (and part of October), and it was such a blast! Besides shopping, gambling, cooking, and dining we spent a good amount of time getting crafty too.

   I made a small handful of things during my mom's trip that I haven't gotten a chance to share, so here they are now!

   I have a ton of sewing blogs plugged into my Feedly, and I kept seeing the lovely Zinnia skirt pop up. Since I was inpatient and watching my money for my mom's trip up, I decided to try and free hand this skirt instead of using any pattern. Even though I still want to nab that pattern, haha.

   I started with a thicker fabric I picked up at Value Village, but decided the fabric looked very bad for this skirt. So later that day I picked up some cheap cotton fabric from Jo Ann's, since I do not want to spend too much when I'm not using a pattern or anything!

   I mostly like this skirt, there's a few things I would change. The waistband would have been a lot better with interfacing, and one of my buttons don't perfectly match the button hole placement, but that's easy enough to fix. It's cooling down here in Washington and the fabric is not warm at all, so it won't see any use for a while.

    My mom taught me some crochet basics, and I'm not super awesome or anything at it but I like this little bracelet I made! I'm not huge on jewelry type bracelets, or jewelry in general really. But I love little leather, fabric, and now yarn bracelets like this. :)

   There isn't much to say about this, it's just a couple rows of single stitches but I'm very excited to have started crocheting!

   This is the second pair of jeans I've made and they are easily becoming one of my favourite things to sew. :) I decided it would be very worthwhile to learn to sew a good pair of jeans, since I am 4'9" and fairly thin, and store bought jeans don't line up on me quite the way I'd like, even after hemming.

   Wow, I still need lots of practice with jeans! This pair will definitely get lots of showtime but some of the things I would fix are I'd make them just slightly longer. With this and the last pair I got a little too excited about having jeans for my short figure, a couple more inches wouldn't hurt.

   I would put the pockets closer together next time, but it's so nice to have a pair of jeans where the pockets aren't placed between the bottom of my butt and the top of my legs, I've never had a store bought pair of jeans with pockets placed the way I like. They are slightly too far apart from each other in this pair of jeans, though.

   My main obstacle with making jeans is the front of the waistband, the zipper, the button, and the fly. I need to figure out how to make my zipper from peeking out, make my waistband slightly longer for the button, and practice the buttonhole feature a little more.

   Overall though, I love these jeans!

   Another very simple, very beginner crochet project I did while sitting on the couch watching Breaking Bad with my mom, a crocheted belt made out of very thick and chunky, very green yarn! My mom also made me a hat from this yarn and it is awesome! The belt is all just one long single stitch, and it would look a lot cuter here if I got the front waistband area of my jeans right for once! Grrr!

   These leggings are the most adventurous project I took up during my mom's trip. I picked the stretchy, velvety fabric from Value Village while thrifting with my mom. I didn't use a pattern - well, I kind of used a pattern. I cut open a pair of thermal leggings I had on the seams and used that as a pattern and a lining. They will be great for the cold Winter here!

   They gave me a bit of trouble but overall came out very well. I think the only thing I would (and might) change is to take them in a little so they are more fitted, like leggings should be.

   Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I will be posting more about the making of those thermal leggings, as well. ;D

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