Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Favourite Things: Super Chunky Yarns

   I am in love with super, extra, jumbo chunky yarns right now! I love how visible and obvious the texture of the yarns are. I love how the stitches stand out and are extremely easy to see. If I don't get my hands on some soon, I might explode!

   Some of the yarns in particular I have been looking at are Loopy Mango and Couture Jazz yarns.

   Loopy Mango's Big Loop yarn is on the pricey side, to put it lightly, but it looks oh so worth it! Plus, they have 'mini's of their super chunky yarn for less (thought still a bit pricey) and there is plenty in it to make an awesome super chunk scarf or cowl.

Loopy Mango's Big Loop Yarn | Loopy Mango Knit Kits (lots of good Big Loop kits here!)

   Premier Yarn's Couture Jazz goes for a much more affordable price, if you don't mind it being a bit less chunky! It is a funky open-net style yarn that you can apparently make a cowl out of without even knitting or crocheting it.

    I prefer the knit cowl from SimplyMaggie, but this non knit/non crocheted 'jazzed up' cowl is definitely worth checking out and trying for yourself. You can find Premier Knits Couture yarns on amazon.com, overstock.com, walmart.com, etc. It's pretty easy to find!

   Another awesome alternative by Laura from nocturnalknits.com is using unspun wool roving (and pvc pipes as needles. How cool!) I imagine it sheds a bit but you should definitely take a look at this video, anyways:


   I wanted to share my newest yarn obsession (can you consider it an obsession before getting a chance to try it out yourself? I can't stop googling and youtubing it so I guess so!) with ya'll, but blogging has made me ready to knit and crochet something instead! Hope you enjoyed!

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