Friday, September 13, 2013

Jeans, Part One: Construction

     One week ago, I received a pattern that I bought online. As someone blessed with the gift of being "adorably small", aka: 4'9", buying jeans always presented an obvious problem. I can, and do, hem store bought jeans to fit my length, but that's usually not the only problem. Saggy crotches, higher-than-intended waists, and hippie dippy clown wide legs usually also are issues unless I buy skinny jeans. I am not a fan of skinny jeans.

     So, I decided I wanted to try making jeans! Something I thought would be a very difficult project considering that I am very novice at sewing. But this pattern is rated "easy", so I figured why not try?

     I picked up everything I needed at thrift shops and walmart. I didn't want to spend $30+ on what I figured would be a very ugly pair of practice jeans. So, I got some very large men's jeans and recycled the fabric from them! Once I got home from picking up everything I needed, I got right to making them! I decided on the boot cut!

      Some photos of the sewing process!

     I guess I mis-measured myself as the pattern ended up being too large. I took it in to fit better before finishing with the waistband and the rest. Much better!

     Finally finished the waistband and finishing touches. The waistband was the most frustrating part, which is saying something since this is the first time I installed a zipper! Here's the end result, at least of the construction part of the jeans. ;)

      I am not very skilled at sewing, but I am so happy with how my first pair of jeans came out! They are made from Butterick's B5682 pattern and two pairs of very large men's pants from the thrift shop, so they aren't the prettiest things, but I love them! I only used the fabric from the thrift jeans. I didn't reuse the waistband, button, zipper, etc.

     A couple things to improve next time: give more attention to detail on the zipper and button and alter the pattern! These things kind of swallow my stomach, but I didn't want to alter the pattern for my first try so I went as is. My first pair of high waisted jeans it is, haha.

    I've already started turning them from Frankenstein jeans to something a little more pleasing to wear and look at. That will be Part 2. ;)

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