Monday, September 16, 2013

OMG yay dress!

     I am so happy with how this dress turned out! The last dress I tried was very blah so I'm very pleasantly surprised! Anyways, here's the process. :)

      I found this pattern at Walmart! I was a little surprised, I wouldn't think of going to Walmart to find a cute dress with waist cut outs. I decided to change it up from the pattern a little. It's gonna be getting colder here soon and I didn't want something that looked too Summery, but I love those waist cut outs!

     The lighting in my crafting room is kind of poor, and I started sewing late, so sorry for the photo quality and infrequency! I got pretty caught up in sewing so I didn't take that many photos. :P

     I picked up the navy striped fabric at a thrift shop for a couple bucks! A thrift shop with a sewing fabric section, so awesome! That's my little helper Ringo, btw. :) She's a gem.


     Cut out the pieces and made the bodice right away! Tried on the bodice, and it was too big. Man, what is it with nothing fitting me right? Haha. :)

     The photo is a bit blurry, but here's the bodice after taking it in and adding the band below the cut outs!

      Time for the skirt. Instead of the wrap around high-low look, I decided to keep it simple since I'm still gaining experience. I took the remaining fabric and cut twice the width of the bodice around. Gathered and attached!

     Pretty long! I don't really have any formal anything in my life so I'm gonna shorten it up!

     Finished! And I love it! It's hard to get good photos with a camera phone and a dusty mirror though. :P I'm really happy with it!

     Edit: I've since taken better photos of the dress. :)

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