Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jeans, Part Two: Reconstruction

    So, when I left off on my last jeans post, I had already started prettying up my very first pair of home sewn jeans. This is what they looked like before that.

    I started the beautification process by bleaching. Unfortunately, I was unaware that some of the jean fabric was not bleach safe, and it disintegrating. Luckily, most of it was not damaged and lightened properly. So I had to start basically over again with pieces cut from a different pair of jeans, which I made sure where bleach friendly first this time!

     Still, this time I decided to bleach the pieces first and not risk it. I didn't take many photos of the construction process, since I posted the construction of the last piece, so here is the end result. :)

     Last time I constructed this pair of jeans, I did not want to alter the pattern since it was my first time using the pattern and first time making jeans. I planned on improving a few things next time. The high wasitedness, the button and zipper around, and the waistband in general. Since I had to remake them anyways, I decided to just go ahead and make my changes.

     It didn't turn out perfect, but I consider it an improvement! There's a few more things I'll still do different with the next pair, but for now these make me really happy.

     Okay, now it's time to actually beautify them this time!

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