Monday, December 30, 2013

My Year in Instagram Photos!

   I was very late on the Instagram game, so maybe this isn't the most exciting share... but I love when other bloggers do 'week/month/year in Instagram' posts, so I thought I'd share my own. :) Here's my partial year on Instagram!

  • My mom taught me how to crochet when she flew up for my birthday and left me with some yarn and hooks!
  • One of the things I made during my mom's trip up to Washington, some velvety leggings lined with thermal fabric.
  • My first order of Spoonflower fabric, of my little boy Einstein of course. :)
  • The pattern to my first jacket I've sewn.

  • Just some delicious grilled cheese, haha.
  • Starting my first ever crochet project.
  • And finished my first crochet project as well, a slightly slouchy hat!
  • My first ever yarn haul. :) I was just using the yarn my mom left prior to this.
  • My second hat/project, I just had to make this. I love my old Jayne hat that I bought on amazon but it was simply too big!

  • The results of a quite annoying trip to Jo Ann's. Not Jo Ann's fault though, I was not prepared for the cold weather. :(
  • And the jacket that I finally finished with my little Jo Ann's haul!
  • I decided I needed beautiful portraits of my kitties with yarn, so here's that!
  • Portraits, of course, are not enough for a cat lady. I also needed to make a dress with my boy, Einstein's, face plastered all over it. :)
  • I started (and did not finish, boo!) a project of taking a self portrait every day for a month. Even unfinished, I got some photos I really love out of it. Part one portraits, part two portraits, part three portraits.

  •  Just a little festive cat beanie and my photogenic boy, Einstein, haha. :) I made the beanie for some Christmas themed pet portraits. :D
  • My first buy from knitpicks, definitely not my last. :)
  • A current WIP, a silver bobbled polka dot scarf! I've put it down in lieu of starting my first pair of socks, but I'll have to spend some more time on it soon.
  • I got a TON of knitting needles as a Christmas gift, so now I have to make a new (neon pink!) needle case to fit them all.
  • Last but not least, I wrote out my first pattern. I love my new double pom hat. :)

   Well, that's my year in Instagram. :) Happy New Year ya'll!

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